The Museum is situated in Warsaw and is a part of the Centre of Divine Providence, which is being erected on the Wilanów fields. The Temple of Divine Providence occupies the central part of the Centre. Its construction is the fulfillment of a promise made over 200 years ago by the Four Year Sejm as the National Votive Offering for the first Polish constitution.

The main exhibition will be located in the ring surrounding the dome of the Church above the central nave. The symbol of the ring can be associated with the wedding ring: marriage, fidelity and trust in Christ and its Church.
It can be said that it is a museum which brings you closer to heaven in a double sense, as it is located close to the sacral area, 26 meters above the ground.

Each visitor will embark on a symbolic journey through the life of John Paul II and Cardinal Wyszyński, centered around the Church. The visit will start and end in the Museum foyer.

From the main hall visitors will be able to access an observation deck with a beautiful view of Warsaw.